PGS 350/450 R Canter for Sawmill Line

Sawmill line with combined Chipper-Canter

The Canter PGS 350/450 R sawmill plants use a combined technology, developed by a team of highly qualified professionals, consisting of extremely reliable and precise circular cutters and blades, able to offer very high performance when prismating and cutting boards and thus optimizing the sawmill production chain.

What volumes is the line designed for?

The one proposed by Storti is a sawmill plant suitable for logs of different diameters that can mill the sides of the trunk, removing the shavings. Furthermore, after a first transformation, the semi-finished product obtained during the first cycle can re-enter the line and be processed again, guaranteeing the achievement of a regular and excellent quality prism.

Why choose this cutting system?

The experience in the reference sector gained over the years allows the company to anticipate the future needs of its customers. This is also the reason why the one proposed here is a flexible sawmill plant , able to offer numerous advantages to the companies that decide to use them. Among the main benefits offered by this line, in addition to those concerning the different machining diameters, we find:

  • Possibility of combined cutting (2 processes at the same time)
  • Small footprint

Пример конфигурации лесопильной линии с фрезерно-профилирующей технологией пиления Canter Group

Configuration example

As a result of cutting a log on a Canter Group combined milling and profiling machine, a central beam and technological chips are obtained. At the request of the customer, two or four side boards can be additionally obtained.

The central bar passes through a two-shaft gang saw with horizontal shafts, the end product is the final product - boards of the required type.

After the gang saw, the boards enter the conveyor belt, the operators manually stack them, sorting them according to quality, size, etc.

Line advantages

The technological solution Canter PGS allows you to get edged boards and technological chips in one sawing cycle. This is a great alternative to sawmill lines with slab crushers. In addition, there is no additional equipment for waste treatment on the line. The combined Canter PGS machine with cutters and circular saws, as well as all subsequent machines on the line, produce only boards and wood chips.

Useful output

On the Canter PGS line, at all stages of working with a log, from the processing of the central beam to the processing of side boards, the maximum useful yield of boards and technological chips from each log is ensured. Technological chips are a valuable semi-finished product widely used in the company for the production of pressed composite blocks.

Line configuration

The entire production process is carried out on a line equipped exclusively with Storti equipment. It provides operators with shift, consistent work that does not cause excessive fatigue.

Схема деревообработки на линии Canter Group 350 L

Canter Group 350 L line typical scheme

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